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Watching: "Veronica Mars," "Gilmore Girls," "House," "Friday Night Lights"

By admin Published: February 1, 2007

Thanks to the completion of a couple of projects and weather that makes me want to stay indoors, I've been keeping better pace with my TV faves of late. ...

First of all, loved the use of Leonard Cohen's "A Thousand Kisses Deep" on "Veronica Mars." Good blending of a song I like with a show I like. Beyond that, thought this "VM" had a better handle on the self-contained story than last week's. And the hooker-and-the-geek story was handled rather well; we knew they were doomed, but it kept defying our cynicism about the hooker.

On the other hand, Veronica's antennae should have gone up when Madison appeared, and should have been vibrating like a theremin when Logan said he had been with someone who disgusted him. And the soapy nature of Logan-Veronica is beginning to wear me out.

Also felt a little tired about "Gilmore Girls," even though I am a longtime member of the Lorelai Belongs With Luke Association. Christopher's reaction felt excessive, and Lorelai failed to make the most obvious point -- that Christopher is not the second choice, he was the first choice, long before she knew Luke. Jackson's non-vasectomy was sort of funny but, even by "GG" standards, tough to buy: Sookie would have known that she was pregnant, for one thing, and Jackson would have had clear signs of a vasectomy if he had really had one. On the plus side, though, we'll always have Paris -- who can make even an inspiring speech about friendship sound hostile. ...

Speaking of hostile, I can understand why "House" did this week's episode, even if I found it slow and a little labored. Still, the show has to remind of periodically of a couple of things. First, that he's a good doctor (underscored every time they figured out a mystery case) even if he is an awful human being. Second, that he's an awful human being for a reason -- because, if we don't understand that, then he becomes just a nasty piece of work and not nearly so amusing to watch. Coming off an arc that ended with House having conned the court and his friends, continuing to see House as an unprincipled slave to his addictions, the point about rotten-for-a-reason had to be made in a forceful way. Hence the abuse excuse -- wonderfully acted by Hugh Laurie, if not all that well written.

Finally, last night's "Friday Night Lights" actually allowed some good cheer at the end of the episode -- the drunken dad's making amends, Slash back in the game, the coach realizing that he had pushed too hard -- albeit with some sadness -- Saracen's stupid lie and damage to his relationship with the coach's daughter. And I continue to like the way Kyle Chandler plays the coach as audibly unsentimental -- the no-hug-coming finish to Slash's reinstatement made the moment.

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