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WE Sets Date for Joan/Melissa Show

By admin Published: November 30, 2010

They're calling it a reality show. The description makes me think that's "reality." And considering what good will Joan has generated of late from her documentary and other work, I look at this bit of exploitation and wonder if Melissa needs a paycheck.

The official word: Imagine if your mother was Joan Rivers. Now, imagine if she moved across country and into your home - and life – unexpectedly. YOWZA! That’s the premise of WE tv’s new series, JOAN AND MELISSA: JOAN KNOWS BEST?, which showcases what happens when the country’s most outspoken, outrageous and opinionated mom moves in with her independent, ivy league-educated daughter Melissa Rivers. For the first time ever, the famous mother-daughter duo will let cameras inside their homes as they try to put their conflicting personalities aside for the good of the family. See if they make it, only on JOAN AND MELISSA: JOAN KNOWS BEST?, premiering on WE tv on Tuesday, January 25 at 9pm ET/PT. . . .

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For years, the Rivers’ complicated relationship has been making headlines. WE tv’s JOAN AND MELISSA: JOAN KNOWS BEST? is a high-energy mix of comedy, reality and relatability. Although there’s ample craziness and differences of opinion, the love is evident between the women. Underneath their differences, there’s a strong mother-daughter bond, and they both obviously want what’s best for Melissa’s son Cooper – they just don’t always agree on what that might be!

The series begins with Joan packing up her life in New York and moving to L.A. to live with Melissa. She wants to be closer to her grandson…and “keep a watchful eye” on Melissa’s life. Joan’s already the busiest woman in showbiz and relocating doesn’t fit easily into her schedule, but her priority is family first. Before Joan appears at her door in Los Angeles, Melissa was living in domestic bliss: a sweet young son, a great live-in boyfriend and her infamous mother on the OPPOSITE side of the country. Melissa is taken aback when Joan appears - with an unwelcome dog in tow - and announces plans to relocate to LA. Joan, too, is stunned when she discovers that Melissa’s home has become a hotel to a surprising cast of characters: the younger, former tennis pro boyfriend, the surfer friend living under the stairs, and the attractive Swedish nanny. When Joan “checks in” she loudly impacts everyone in the house, and chaos ensues.

The women don’t agree on much and aren’t afraid to speak their minds throughout JOAN AND MELISSA: JOAN KNOWS BEST?. For example, Joan thinks Melissa is crazy to hire a sexy nanny, and says so at every opportunity. Melissa objects when Joan wants to get yet another round of plastic surgery. At times loving and at times tumultuous, this ultimate mother/daughter showdown addresses the question plaguing daughters since the beginning of time: does mother really know best?


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