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WEAO Transmission Update

By admin Published: April 18, 2011

Here's the latest from the station:

The estimate now is that work will be delayed until Thursday, based solely on the weather reports. It's still too wet for the repair crew to climb the tower to 600 feet.

Here's our understanding as to whom has switched from 49 to 45: Time Warner, AT&T Uverse, Massillon Cable and Direct TV.

Who cannot get us? WEAO over-the-air viewers; Cox Cable, WOW and Dish Network customers. (Cox Cable is trying, but has not yet been able to solve the problem.)

What alternatives might viewers have? Over-the-air viewers can try to redirect their antennae toward the Salem transmitter, but we cannot guarantee they'll be able to pick up the signal. Direction for most of those people will be east, south or southeast. Cox, WOW and Dish customers just won't be able to see us until the repairs are made.

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