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Wednesday Notebook

By admin Published: June 18, 2008

Good eats here.

If you saw me right now, you'd think I did a passable impression of a lobster. (Thank goodness for aloe vera.) ...

Much kicking back the last couple of days, with reasonable amounts of beach time, miniature golf and plenty of joyous dining. Let me count the ways: barbecue and hush puppies from Sooey's, pizza from Yellow Submarine, chicken, salad, sweet potato and more hush puppies from the Dunes, cheeseburger from Bob's Grill, slaw dog from Fatboyz. (Hey, that spread was spread across five evenings. We've been very measured about breakfast and lunch.)
By the way, it's customary here for eateries to sell T-shirts and other memorabilia. My favorite may be from Bob's, whose simplicity is summed up in the slogan "Eat and Get the Hell Out." Which you can find printed on a thong.


Bits of television. Caught part of the Tim Russert memorial today. Liked Brian Williams's affection and humor, the musical selections including the Springsteen surprise. Still having trouble believing he's gone.

Skipped the NBA finals finale. Did see "Nashville Star" on Monday. Even the people I had liked a week ago were less effective this time. Was not disappointed by the ouster of Third Town, which seemed to approach the contest with irony and mockery. Was surprised that Melissa Lawson was next to last in viewer votes. Thought she was quite good a week ago. But the show seems to be tilting toward younger contestants, and that might be hurting her.

Usually on these trips I do a fair amount of reading -- last year's beach trip was devoted to the Harry Potter canon -- but I've been slow this time, spending more time listening to my mp3 and dozing. Brought Ludlum's Bourne trilogy along and have almost finished the first one. Quite a change from the films, both in characters and in technology, since the book was published in 1980; amusing how much time people spend at pay phones.

Two more days of sun and eating to go.

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