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Wednesday Notebook

By admin Published: June 24, 2009

Tuesday morning the bride and I were again energetic tourists. We went to the USS Arizona memorial early and were in the first tour group at 7:45 a.m. A short but very effective film preceded the tour itself. The monument is well designed, notably because it lets you see the stretch of remains of the ship underwater. Vivid reminder of what happened there. We also looked at the submarine memorials, including a walk through the sub Bowfin. Amazing how they got around in that thing; so small, so cramped. And photos don't really convey how cramped it was.

Beach time in the afternoon. Amusing tourists to watch, from a 10-month-old baby crawling in a shaded area and making friends with anyone else who happened in the shade, to an older woman who stood and changed her top in the middle of the beach without a care about what she was sharing with everyone else there.

Meant to mention that when we went to Diamond Head on Monday, I was wearing a U of Akron shirt; as we were coming down from the crater, we passed another couple heading up. The guy looked at my shirt and said, "Go Zips!" Not that such familiarity was always good; guys trying to get you to sign up for tours and time-shares have tried to use the Akron logo as a way of starting a conversation.

You can guess what about, right? LeBron. One guy we politely extricated ourselves from used as his parting shot that he was really a Nuggets fan.

Today we are going to be more relaxed -- no touring on the agenda. Hoping to soak up more sun, and take some more pictures. There's an old War Memorial near our hotel which has fascinated me. Turns out it's for WW I, in honor of the Hawaiians killed in action, and was at one time an Olympic-size swimming pool. The pool is closed, although you can peek through the boarded-up areas but the front has been spruced up some.

And on the vacation goes.

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