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By admin Published: December 2, 2009

"Glee" airs tonight and then Dec. 9 before taking a long break. Fans will then be asked to content themselves in part with a DVD set of the first 13 episodes, " 'Glee' Season 1: Road to Sectionals," due Dec. 29. Extras will include will the director's cut of the pilot episode; exclusive behind-the-scenes featurettes, and audition videos by the cast. MSRP is $39.98.

I am a couple of episodes behind on "Lie to Me" but still enjoying the show. As you may know, writer-producer Shawn Ryan from "The Shield" is now on "Lie to Me." And he has set up what could be some fun gimmick casting. From Fox:

Cast members from the critically acclaimed series “The Shield,” including Catherine Dent, Kenny Johnson, David Marciano, Benito Martinez, Cathy Cahlin Ryan and David Rees Snell, will reunite for an upcoming episode of LIE TO ME airing this spring on FOX. LIE TO ME is executive-produced by Shawn Ryan, who won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series on “The Shield.”

In the “Pied Piper” episode, DR. CAL LIGHTMAN (Tim Roth) is a witness at the execution of JASON WILKIE (Marciano), a prisoner he helped convict in the murder of a child 17 years ago. When the victim’s aunt and uncle, FAYE SHERIDAN (Dent) and CHARLIE SHERIDAN (Martinez), are targeted again, Lightman must face the possibility he sent an innocent man to his death. Determined to uncover the truth, Lightman turns to MICHAEL WILKIE (Snell), Jason’s younger brother, and BETH LANSFORD (Ryan), Jason’s ex-girlfriend, for more information on what may have happened to 8-year-old Rex Sheridan. The pair lead Lightman to MALCOLM HESSLER (Johnson), a photographer who becomes the key suspect in the case.

I have finally caught up with all four episodes of "V" which have aired to date; the show is now on hiatus until March 2010. And I cannot think of a thing that makes me long for its return. Moderately entertaining in spots, and relatively good at holding back details in a suspenseful way (the skinning scene was really uncomfortable because it was not graphic), "V" was still terribly silly in some very basic elements -- a door that should have been locked was not, the high-tech Visitors seem to be really lousy at internal monitoring, the jacket cameras are ridiculous. And there's a lot of idiot plotting. A retooling has been promised during the hiatus, so I may be back for one or two more. But that's out of mild professional curiosity, nothing more.

In a short story for the sports section today, I note that the Browns are once again facing the possibility of a TV blackout, since they are thousands of tickets shy of a sellout for this Sunday's game against San Diego. And, if it doesn't happen this Sunday, it could well happen before the season is over. If so, that will be the first blackout since Dec. 17, 1995, a win over Cincinnati, as the then-Browns prepared to move to Baltimore.

A few historical notes about how long ago that was: It was the team's fifth and last win of the season (which is still five times as many as the current team has managed). Bill Belichick was the coach. Vinny Testaverde was the quarterback. Bill Clinton was in the White House, "ER"at the top of the Nielsen ratings, and "Jumanji" had just hit movie screens.

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