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Wednesday Notebook

By admin Published: January 19, 2011

Today's print HeldenFiles, with notes about "Hot in Cleveland," "Retired at 35," Jennifer Lopez letting her kids model for Gucci and more, is here.

Tuesday evening the bride and I went to the full celebration of the University of Akron men's soccer team winning the 2010 NCAA championship. (Above, Kofi Sarkodie carries in the trophy.) I can't say it was a great ceremony, loaded as it was with political proclamations. But it had some decent moments (including a video of various MLS big shots talking about how good Akron is).

And it closed a circle for us. Besides watching the championship games on TV, we were at every home game in 2010, including the regular season, the MAC tournament and the early NCAA rounds. We were at a preseason event for season-ticket holders, and at the rally where coach Caleb Porter -- when asked by a fan -- said he would put a streak in his hair if the team won the NCAA. And so, last night, we saw the team put him on the spot, and a green streak in his hair. (See below.) It was cool to be part of it from start to finish.

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