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Wednesday on the Road (Slightly Updated)

By admin Published: December 5, 2007

This morning I scrambled to the office to write a movie review ("The Golden Compass," which I did not like much) then hit the road for Cleveland. Stop one was the Cedar Lee to see "Sweeney Todd" (which I liked a great deal). Then it was on through the snowflakes to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to talk to John C. Reilly and director Jake Kasdan about "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story," the comedy that hits theaters on Dec. 21. Reilly's doing a music tour to promote the movie, starting with tonight's show. Besides talking about the movie, we talked about the music tour and the rock hall, so I could have a story for tomorrow's Beacon Journal as well as movie material for use closer to the opening date. Then, once someone helped me figure out the wireless network at the hall, I wrote the story. Now I'm going to pass the time until a little later this evening, when I'll be at the red carpet for Reilly's performance, and then at the performance itself. This all makes for a long day, but a useful one. I hope to post later tonight or early tomorrow after Reilly's show.

Well, it's about an hour and a half later than the last time I posted here, and I am deeply into the just-hanging-out portion of the evening. It's another couple of hours before Reilly plays, but media are supposed to be here now, so there was no sense in my driving back to Akron only to turn around and head back to Cleveland.

So I had a bite to eat in the Rock Hall cafe (chicken wrap, chips, soda) and have roamed the hall. It's been quite a few years here, so there are new exhibits (the making of the Beatle's "Help," the history of the Doors) and even the older stuff feels fresh again. I've noted how much of stuff in here is in my record collection (yes, record) and how many people I've interviewed, seen at press conferences or gone to concerts by. I went and found Lowell George's guitar and overalls for reasons that will be clear in my story tomorrow. I have wandered through the souvenir-and-music shop, debit card locked safely away. I've checked my home and work e-mail, sent a note to Target Demo and in a few will call the bride.

So, anyone have any thoughts about last night's "Reaper"? I thought it had some amusing parts, as it usually does, but I don't know about the whole devil's-daughter thing. But hey, it was something new last night. Rerun season has kicked in in a big way, not only because of the strike but because December usually has a post-sweeps batch of reruns and pre-emptions for holiday specials.

My DVRs, at least, are breathing easier. From running three in a single night, I'm down to one, and not much on that. But that gives me some time -- well, when I get home -- to play with the new HD DVD player. Hello, technology.

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