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By admin Published: September 11, 2011

The bride and I spent part of yesterday on errands, wished away the rain long enough for some yardwork, and then went to a soggy (and lightning-delayed) University of Akron football game. Dismally small crowd; the official number was 15,156 but I'm not buying it. Maybe if they counted feet instead of people. And the game, which looked promising before the lightning delay, fell apart for Akron afterwards. Oh, well.e hav

Today we have done more yardwork, with housecleaning ahead, and have been watching the Browns. Early on, the 9/11 tribute ads were far more effective than the Browns' play, although the team is showing some new life. (I even bought the State Farm song on iTunes today.) But that would have been the case even if Cleveland was doing well. I remember watching the second plane hit and the towers fall. I have been to Ground Zero and Shanksville. I have a son living in New York City, another son in Army training, a daughter who lives outside NYC and whose fiance works in the city. No ignoring what has been, and what might be. Here's what I said on Facebook:

Today, as we think of the dead, let's also pray for the living.
That they never suffer as the 9/11 victims did.
That they never have to grieve as their families did.
That someday they will not have to step into a tall building, or onto an airplane, without pausing to wonder what might happen.
That they never have to explain to a child that there is great evil in the world, and not even good people can always stop it.

But we go on. And here's some of what I had in the Beacon Journal today:

9/11 and pop culture over 10 years.

A look at the new broadcast network season with separate lists of new shows, premiere dates and other stuff.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and her new show, "Ringer."

This week's video column. And a new-release list is here.

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