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By Rich Heldenfels Published: February 1, 2014

I have had a Saturday shift that included going to a local science fair for a story in Sunday's Beacon Journal and marveling at what young people about. Not only what they know. (One student patiently explained to me the science behind her project, and I still didn't understand, although Ithink I did follow the logic in "Effects of temperature on diffusion through one-time-use water bottle plastic"). Also impressive is what they thought to study, including the effect of chewing gum on test scores (apparently the gum helps), whether hard or soft water generates the most lather for cleaning, music temp and task performance, and the behavioral science of makeup. It was at once cool and smart.

Links to recent things I have written, none of them scientific, include:

The battle between the Super Bowl and cute animals on TV.

Notes on Jay Leno as he wraps up is "Tonight Show" hosting.

Today's HeldenFiles. mostly about the Oscars' best-song controversy.

This week's DVD/Blu-ray column, mostly about "Dallas Buyers Club."

And, in case you missed it, my look at "The Gabby Douglas Story," which premieres tonight on Lifetime.


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