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Weekend Notebook: "Grey's Anatomy" in the Land of Spoilers

By admin Published: May 16, 2009

A few notes after the jump ...

I knew I wasn't going to get to "Grey's Anatomy" until Friday at the earliest, so I worked very hard to avoid spoilers on Twitter and Facebook, declare a cone of silence at work, to not read anything that said "Blah blah comments on the shocking 'Grey's Anatomy.' "Didn't work. I think it was on, that the tease gave away both George and the bus and Izzie and the flatline, although it didn't include that elevator-to-heaven moment at the end.

And speaking of the elevator, does that mean that Izzie, being dressed in an outfit from her past, is in fact dead while George, dressed in uniform and with military hair, is going to recover and go to Iraq? I thought at first it might mean he is going to die there, but it may just be that in the "Grey's" view of heaven, you get to wear something special to you -- Izzie didn't die in that dress, after all. I am sure that there is a logical explanation -- based on who's being let out of a contract.

But I digress from the larger point here, which is that it's somewhat hard for me to say overall if the episode was all that good because two major plot turns had been spoiled. In that context, the telecast -- especially the first hour -- felt slow. Of course, it also felt slow to the bride, and she was spoiler-free. So I think this was a case of something being stretched to two hours when it might have been done in less time -- 90 minutes? And stretched somewhat unfairly; does O'Malley not carry a wallet? At least the show played fair with hints -- there's an early closeup when he opens his eyes that is clearly O'Malley.

Still, even knowing the big stuff, I enjoyed some of the other aspects. Sandra Oh is so very, very good in scene after scene. Chandra Wilson and James Pickens were once again a joy together. Kind of liked Meredith and Derek's vows. And what a pleasure to see Zach Gilford (Saracen on "Friday Night Lights") and Liza Weil (Paris on "Gilmore Girls") as guest stars -- although Weil seemed underused; I would have thought that "Gilmore Girls" would have led to bigger things for her, but that may ultimately prove to be one of those great intersections of role, writing and performance which actors are lucky to get once in a career.

I just wish I could tell you how it felt to see it unspoiled. Those are the breaks.

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