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By admin Published: October 19, 2008

In case you missed it, my profile of impressionist Frank Caliendo is here.

I would have paid real money -- including to the RNC -- to have seen Sarah Palin perform the amazing rap that Amy Poehler ended up doing. But while Palin seemed affable enough in her two sketches for "Saturday Night Live," it was also clear that she did not intend to take any risks on the show -- beyond showing that she had a sense of humor. Compare what she did to what Mark Wahlberg did -- embracing the way he had been parodied. But, as I said, if the RNC wants a few extra bucks -- and election day is a couple of weeks away ...

Say what you will about either presidential candidate, Colin Powell made a really eloquent argument about what the election has been, and what it should be, while endorsing Barack Obama on "Meet the Press." I was especially moved by his comments involving Muslims in America.


While I have expressed my reservations about "The Ex List" once we get to the episodes that did not involve writer-producer Diane Ruggiero, I am enjoying it for the time being. All right, I do feel that the encounters with the ex-boyfriends are reminiscent of the way all of Jessica Fletcher's friends became murder suspects. But the light tone, the solid acting and the amusing turns have been quite satisfying to date.

(A brief note: The top link is supposed to be the Poehler sketch, the second is Powell's "Meet the Press" appearance. Both came with embeds, but if for some reason they shut down the embeds, you can find Poehler at and Powell as

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