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Welcome Back, "Amazing Race"

By admin Published: February 15, 2009

As tonight's "Amazing Race" strolled along, I couldn't help but smile. A lot. Still haven't even sorted out the names of all the teams (I know Mike and Mel, at least because I've talked to Mike), but what fun, what fun.

To get to the spoiler, Jennifer and Preston lost,  and it was foreshadowed when they were the first couple to bicker, on the train early in the episode. Who starts arguing so early? Losers, apparently. But I would not have pegged them so quickly as the flops of the night, considering how badly some of the other teams played. It only became evident that J&P were in trouble during the cheese challenge -- which had the bride laughing often -- because J made P do all the cheese-moving. Then, on the final steps to the pit stop, when speed is of the essence, he has to carry her, a move that basically sealed last place and elimiination. (If you want some irony, go to their link above and check out their team photo -- she's on his back in that one, too.)

But the cheese challenge was amusing, especially with all the butt-bouncing down the hill and the rollaway cheese wheels. (A thought: Wouldn't it have been best to station one player at the bottom of the hill and the other at the top, then to roll the cheese wheel down where the player below could catch it?) Linda and Steve, a couple that seems doomed to an early exit since she seems incapable of moving at more than one-quarter speed, actually proved resourceful at the cheese challenge when Steve used the cheese carrier as a sled. But I still wonder how long they can last considering her considerable discomfort with the whole thing.

Teams I wouldn't mind seeing winning: Well, it's hard not to be impressed by Margie and Luke since they did very well and had no obvious trouble with Luke's being deaf; got a little choked up at Luke's emotion after winning the first leg of the race. But I also like, at least on first impressions, Tammy and Victor and, naturally, Mike and Mel. Which is yet another reminder of why "Amazing Race" is so enjoyable; it has contestants that make you feel there are nice people in the world, not just schemers.

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