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Welcome Back, "Glee," And Other TV Notes

By admin Published: April 13, 2010

"Glee" returns tonight at 9:28 p.m. (assuming Fox is actually able to get "American Idol" to run on schedule), and I am very happy to see it. In fact, I have seen three new episodes and am quite pleased. I don't want to get into spoilers but there are lots of plot developments romantic and otherwise (football's over, basketball has started), and plenty of tunes. The Madonna-songs episode is next week, and the return of Kristin Chenoweth the week after, but tonight is all right.

I will post about the "Dancing With the Stars" results tonight but, based on the performance show, could we please have Kate Gosselin go? Please? She is by far the worst dancer in the competition, and I am sick of the pleas for sympathy because her life is so darn difficult. You want difficult? Go talk to people who have no jobs and don't have reality shows waving a big check in front of them. Beyond Kate, it wasn't that great a night. A lot more posing than dancing, it seemed, and the two-score system just felt like a way for the judges to soften the blow on some contestants. You know, we hate your technique but you look good. And Nicole, seemingly the runaway best before this week, is still good but not being used well by Derek; it seems we've seen these moves (and poses) before.

After the jump, notes on "The Amazing Race" and the Monday CBS comedies.

On "Race," I would have preferred that the Dunderheads are gone, but just barely. While the Lesbians have been annoying up to now, they moved on to total (and unfair) nastiness this week, especially since it was directed at a team that, when you get down to it, played the game better than they did. I'm OK with the Cowboys, Cops and Brothers in the final four, and wouldn't mind if any of them won, although I am mostly leaning toward the Cowboys at this point. They're funny, they enjoy the game and they play hard -- even if drumming is not among their skills.

Very odd Monday comedies on CBS. "How I Met Your Mother" was such an elaborate construction of a punchline, and I nodded appreciatively, but it wasn't very funny along the way. Reminded me of those old, convoluted puns about "the beer that made Mel Famie walk us" and the like, where you wait and wait for the joke -- and it's just barely worth the wait.

"Two and a Half Men," though, was purely creepy. Considering what is going on in Charlie Sheen's real life, to see him play drunken stupidity to such an extreme was uncomfortable as all get-out. Makes me wonder if the season is going to end with Charlie Harper going into treatment. Would explain his absence from the show, if Sheen goes through with his plan to leave. Funniest thing in the episode, though: Berta, pot and doughnuts.

"Big Bang Theory," OK, not great. Love the way they put Wil Wheaton to work. Didn't love the soapy romance story.

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