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By RD Heldenfels Published: November 30, 2005

I had a great time yesterday talking to a class at the University of Akron. The topic was Television & Politics, one I've spoken about before, but one that regularly offers new items for discussion. I went in with a handful of notes, tried to make the presentation more of a conversation than a lecture, found some students were willing to hold up their side of the conversation and realized that time was almost up when there was still plenty to talk about.

In fact, as time ran out, I found myself apologizing for not leaving more room for questions. And I later kicked myself when I went back through my notes and realized that I hadn't hit some planned points, including one I've made here more than once -- that the changes in TV technology are going to create information gaps in the audience, because not everyone can afford to keep up with the new tech.

But, as much as I talk about television with people I know, it's always good to encounter a new and different group and to hear their thoughts, even if those thoughts are focused on a specific subject. Sometimes I get column ideas from those conversations, but more often I get a renewed sense of pleasure about television, and thinking about TV, and so feel good about doing what I do.

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