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What's in the DVR

By RD Heldenfels Published: October 7, 2005

Since I've said more than once that I have a backlog of shows recorded and not yet watched, I thought I'd tell you what gets watched and/or recorded regularly in the House of Heldenfels.

This list doesn't cover everything I watch, of course. I also face a pile of upcoming shows for review, as well as the DVDs I write about. (Today's DVD column should be here .) It's also an at-the-moment rundown; in the summer, must-DVR shows included ''The Closer'' and ''Rescue Me,'' and in January, ''American Idol'' will be on the list. Some of these shows are things I'm keeping tabs on for professional reasons, or that my wife watches and I don't, or vice versa. I included some Fox shows that are currently on a baseball-related hiatus, because they're on the list the rest of the time.

Still, the size of the list scared me. But here it is:

Monday -- ''Prison Break,'' ''Arrested Development,'' ''Kitchen Confidential,'' ''Two and a Half Men'' (occasionally), ''How I Met Your Mother'' (occasionally). (''Prison Break,'' by the way, will let viewers catch up with a seven-episode marathon on FX -- not Fox -- on Oct. 23.)

Tuesday -- ''Gilmore Girls,'' ''Supernatural,'' ''House,'' ''Bones,'' ''My Name Is Earl,'' ''The Office,'' ''Commander in Chief,'' ''The Amazing Race,'' ''Nip/Tuck'' (although I have review copies of the next two episodes, so I won't have to DVR it for a couple of weeks).

Wednesday -- ''Lost,'' ''Invasion,'' ''E-Ring,'' ''Veronica Mars,'' ''CSI: NY,'' ''One Tree Hill,'' ''Over There.'' (''Top Model'' is sometimes on the list, but I just haven't gotten started with this season.), ''Law & Order'' (occasionally).

Thursday -- ''Everybody Hates Chris,'' ''Survivor,'' ''Joey,'' ''Will & Grace,'' ''ER,'' ''Everwood,'' ''Love Inc.''

Friday -- ''Ghost Whisperer,'' ''Threshold,'' ''Numb3rs,'' ''Three Wishes.''

Saturday -- Zip, unless there's a rerun of something I missed earlier in the week. I have taken to recording ''Saturday Night Live,'' since I don't usually manage to be awake enough to watch it.

Sunday -- ''Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,'' ''West Wing,'' ''Grey's Anatomy,'' ''Desperate Housewives.''

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