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When Critics Attack: Tuesday on Tour

By RD Heldenfels Published: July 12, 2005

So much has been said over the years about the pack mentality in the press, it's almost comforting to see TV critics turn on each other.

I said almost.

Still, there was turning to be found today, the first official day of the TV critics' summer press tour, when PBS held the stage.

During a session on ''Rx for Survival,'' an upcoming documentary about global health issues, one California-based writer set up a question by saying, ''If I'm talking to, say, an uneducated person in Indiana or someplace ...''

Which, of course, carried the implication that you only find uneducated people in the Midwest. Couldn't be any in California. Look whom they elected governor.

At a press conference with Pat Mitchell, the president of PBS, a reporter had asked Mitchell a question when another reporter called out, ''Question for Pat --''

''Can I have a follow-up?'' the first reporter said.

''You had a question already,'' said the second.

Making that even funnier: Both reporters worked for the same newspaper.

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