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When Sarah Meets Charlie

By admin Published: September 9, 2008

As you probably know, ABC's Charlie Gibson has scored the first big interview with vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. Here's the announcement from ABC:

In her first interview since being tapped as John McCain’s running mate, Governor Sarah Palin will sit down with ABC News’ Charles Gibson on Thursday, September 11 and Friday, September 12. Gibson’s exclusive interviews with the Republican Vice Presidential candidate will take place in Fairbanks and Wasilla, Alaska.

The first excerpts will air on Thursday’s “World News with Charles Gibson” and “Nightline,” followed by “Good Morning America,” “World News, “20/20” and “Nightline” on Friday. Additional portions will air across ABC News’ platforms, including ABC News Radio, ABC News NOW,, and ABC NewsOne beginning Thursday.

And when I heard that Gibson had gotten the interview, I thought back to this passage from his new blog, discussing his interview with John McCain:

The interview took some thought. And I fretted about it for hours. The major development in his campaign obviously is his surprise choice of Sarah Palin. It took some time in thinking about it, but I finally decided not to even bring up the issues with her family, for they are issues of family and should remain so. Once you know about her daughter's pregnancy, once you know about her husband's political interest in the Alaskan Independence Party, once you know about special nature of their latest child, I think that's enough.

The relevant questions about Governor Palin, the questions that go to her suitability to serve as vice president, all relate to her experience, or lack thereof, and her policy positions as a mayor and governor in Alaska. Once I decided to restrict the Palin questions to those areas, the interview kind of formed itself.

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