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Where Can You Find Oscar Films? (Updated)

By admin Published: January 22, 2009

I'm still working on the list of what's in theaters and what's on DVD. And for those of you not in Northeast Ohio, this may be of limited usefulness. But I have some guidance after the jump.

Best picture: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Slumdog Millionaire" are in many theaters. "Frost/Nixon" expands locations, including to several in the Akron area, on Friday. "Milk" is at the Cedar Lee in Cleveland but is expected in the Akron area on Jan. 30. "The Reader" is at the Cedar Lee and in Solon and adds the Big Picture in Wooster on Friday; not sure about its expansion plans after that.

Best director: Nominees are the same as for best picture, the first time that has happened since 2005 and only the fifth time since 1944, when the number of director and best-picture nominations was fixed at five.

Best actor: "The Visitor" (Richard Jenkins) is on DVD. "Frost/Nixon," (Frank Langella), "Milk" (Sean Penn), "Benjamin Button" (Brad Pitt), see Best Picture. "The Wrestler" (Mickey Rourke) opens Friday at the Cinemark Tinseltown in North Canton, Cinemark Valley View, the Cedar Lee and the Regal in Crocker Park.

Best actress: "Rachel Getting Married" (Anne Hathaway) arrives at the Regal Interstate Park 18 on Friday. "Changeling" (Angelina Jolie) has had its theatrical run, as has "Frozen River" (Melissa Leo), although the Cedar Lee/Cleveland Cinemas is looking into getting it back; "Frozen River" also goes to DVD on Feb. 10 and "Changeling" on Feb. 17. "Doubt" (Meryl Streep) is at Cinemark Valley View today is not listed as of tomorrow, as it is scaling back its showings nationwide. "The Reader," see Best Picture.

Supporting actor: "Tropic Thunder" (Robert Downey Jr.) is on DVD -- and don't miss his audio commentary! "The Dark Knight' (Heath Ledger), also on DVD. For "Milk" (Josh Brolin), see best picture. For "Doubt" (Philip Seymour Hoffman), see best actress. "Revolutionary Road" (Michael Shannon) is at Cedar Lee and adds Cinemark Tinseltown and Cinemark Valley View, among others, on Friday.

Supporting actrress: "Doubt" (Amy Adams and Viola Davis), "Benjamin Button" (Taraji P. Henson) and "The Wrestler" (Marisa Tomei), I have already discussed. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" (Penelope Cruz) comes to DVD on Tuesday.

"Man on Wire," a major contender for best documentary, is on DVD; so is docu nominee "Encounters at the End of the World."

In foreign film, "Waltz With Bashir" is due at Cedar Lee on Feb. 6, and "The Class" on Feb. 27.

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