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''Where Have I Been?''

By RD Heldenfels Published: November 17, 2005

Fans of old-time TV may recognize the title of this post, since it is also the title of Sid Caesar's 1982 autobiography. I thought of it tonight because of my absence from the blog, an absence I didn't particularly enjoy. I have fun with this thing.

But I spent the better part of today finishing another thing, one that has become a Thanksgiving tradition for the Beacon Journal: the annual listing of Christmas-season TV specials. Since it tries to be comprehensive, and since it is arranged chronologically (so any show that is repeated has to be listed for almost every repeat), it is rather long and time-consuming. But readers like it. Some even call in the weeks leading up to its publication (on Thanksgiving Day, when the paper is fat enough to accommodate this great print beast), to make sure they don't miss it -- then clip it on their refrigerators as a reference.

Still, as I said, it takes time, and today and tonight were the times I had for it. Not all of that time, either. I went to the office early to write my DVD column for Friday's paper, and a feature about a TV-memorabilia museum in Akron. Then I had to attend a couple of meetings at work. And I had a video to watch, which had to be done at home because it kept freezing in the cantankerous player at the office. I also saw my family, at least for a little while.

But the specials list is now done. I have a couple of other projects that need completing early next week, but I feel some relief -- and am looking forward to seeing the stuff backlogged in the DVR, and to talking about it here.

(I did manage to get to ''Veronica Mars'' on Wednesday, and am still pondering what was going on there -- didn't it feel unfinished, almost as if it was the beginning of a two-parter? No, no, won't get started. It's late. Sleep well, all.)

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