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Why You Haven't Seen a Big "ER" Farewell Here

By admin Published: April 2, 2009

UPDATE: Ratings are up for finale but not overwhelming. Story here.

I've been having a wrestling match with my conscience over not saying more about "ER," which ends tonight. After all, I do write about television (among other things) and it had a long and enormously successful run, including seasons when it was the most-watched show on TV. 

But I was never much of the fan of the show, and never watched it more than duty or the occasional impulse called for. Even when it premiered opposite "Chicago Hope," I was more of a "Chicago Hope" guy. (The bulk of viewers felt otherwise, but there's never been a TV show that everyone loved -- or, for that matter, one that everybody hated.)

And when I would look in on "ER" -- especially when urged by one of those misleading falling-helicopter promos that NBC loved -- it didn't grab me enough to have me back the next week. So I have dutifully set the DVR for the finale tonight, and I may look at it some point. But it's just as possible that it will sit until the DVR gets overcrowded, and then get erased, and I'll wait for the DVD.

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