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By RD Heldenfels Published: November 21, 2005

This was Saturday night at the House of Heldenfels: While my wife ironed, I worked on a newsletter for the arts-booster group at our son's high school. When the ironing was done, we worked together on the newsletter.

This was Sunday night: Having made 500 copies of the newsletter that afternoon, we folded them and stuffed them into envelopes. Next up is labeling, followed by getting them mailed.

In between, we saw our son perform twice in a show at his school. Students had to pick and perform show tunes, and he did a little comedic piece that showed him off well. Such moments bring out the proud papa in me -- I can't deny I have a certain amount of bias in favor of my son, but I can also see how he has grown and improved at performing. Then there was the putting up of a new storm door on the front of the house.

It went well until it came time to put the handle on, when the limitations of my drill, and my limitations at drilling, became evident; we have someone coming to take care of the handle today. (Later Monday: It's fixed, just in time for the crummy weather heading our way.)

On the TV side, I caught a little bit of football and managed to catch up on some TV from the last couple of weeks: ''My Name Is Earl'' (still funny), ''Everybody Hates Chris'' (not as good as usual last week), ''The Office'' (liked the Friday/Saturday prank, thought the main plot dragged), ''Gilmore Girls.''

I wasn't entirely pleased to see the Lorelai/Rory reconciliation because it felt so abrupt; even if Rory had been worrying about her life for some weeks, the Jess-inspired epiphany seemed like a let's-get-this-done-during-sweeps story. (Similarly, the Luke-has-a-daughter plot looked like a clumsy way to keep the wedding stalled.) And trust me, if you tried to stake out the Beacon Journal's office to get a job, you would not find the success Rory had. So I'm hoping that there will still be issues between Rory and Lorelai, not a return to their old relationship as if nothing happened; at least we know that Emily is not done feeling hurt.

I hope to catch up on some other things, and to file a few more posts here before Thanksgiving. Definitely planning a few notes about tomorrow's ''Nip/Tuck,'' where a former ''American Dreams'' star goes for a big makeover -- and I don't mean the plastic surgery kind.

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