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Winding Down the Weekend

By admin Published: November 30, 2008

Hope your turkey day was pleasant, and your shopping at least bearable. Some notes on recent days after the jump. ...

The bride and I arose at 4 a.m. Friday and were at a local Wal-Mart just before it officially opened at 5. What a nightmare. Not as bad as at some Wal-Mart stores, but still difficult. Not only had people been waiting inside the store since Thursday night, the lines for some of the more-desired items were terribly organized.

We followed a store worker's directions to the line for what we wanted; the line did not move and did not move, and then a security officer told us that we were, in fact, not in the correct line. When a man ahead of us argued that we had been sent there, the officer bluntly threatened to take the guy out of the store. At that point, we decided to make our purchase elsewhere. It's clear that Wal-mart needs to rethink its system.

A little later in the morning, we hit Toys R Us and Best Buy; we were able to get to our items with little trouble, and the checkout lines were very well set up. Toys R Us opted for a single long line snaking through the store, with workers telling you when and where a checkout line was open, and other workers making sure no one jumped in line. It was slow, but it was also peaceful -- and may have worked out well for the store, since at least one person ahead of us was picking up additional items from the shelves along our route to the checkout.

We did more shopping as the day went along, and it was more or less manageable. (Hey, it was still Black Friday.) In fact, we concluded that it's better to let the very-early madness subside, then see what's up for grabs. And we get more sleep that way.

Saturday found us on the road for a family gathering in Pennsylvania. Good company, nice conversation, plenty of food and some TV football -- including images of that rain-soaked Florida/FSU game. Traffic bearable, weather decent, and still home to our own beds that night. Today found me doing some Christmas-related things as well as some schoolwork, of which there will be more tonight. And back to the grind, and the viewing, tomorrow.

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