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Wines That Rock?

By admin Published: October 12, 2010

Not being an oenophile, the existence of a line of rock music-themed wines had eluded me. So don't take this as an endorsement. Just a point of interest. Official word:

Wines That Rock, innovators of rock inspired wines, announced today the launch of The Police “Synchronicity” Red Blend to join its first three Rock ‘n Roll varietals, “Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot,” “Woodstock Chardonnay” and “Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon,” released in 2009.

A partnership between legendary rock business managers RZO and award winning winemakers Mendocino Wine Co., Wines That Rock looks to capture the quality and spirit of Rock ‘n Roll mythology in its portfolio of great tasting wines, iconic album art for labels, earth friendly production and great consumer value.

Wines That Rock are crafted partly from the hands of Mendocino Wine Co. winemaker Mark Beaman, a talented winemaker whose passions are quality, sustainability and Rock ‘n Roll. The process for making “Synchronicity” began by listening to the legendary Police album to uncover the layers needed in its wine.

“The term Synchronicity, Sting’s magnetic vocals and the theme of light and dark in the music were the main influences on the wine,” Beaman said. “Synchronicity as a meaningful mix of seemingly unrelated events resulting in a significant sum, lead me to a red wine blend of varieties not commonly seen together. The light and dark nature of the music pointed to a blend that could represent both a friendly and heavy side, along with sexy aromatics to lure people in, but with the flavor profile and structure to hold people’s attention.”

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Wines That Rock takes its respect for the music very seriously, with founders that have been at the forefront of bringing Rock ‘n Roll to fans for decades. Co-founders Ron Roy and Howard Jackowitz originally partnered with RZO and David Bowie in 1997 to create UltraStar Entertainment, the world’s largest online fan club company pioneering fan club ticketing and online artist communities. UltraStar’s clients range from The New York Yankees to AC/DC, Madonna and The Who. RZO are business managers to Rock legends including The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Sting and U2.

“As Wines That Rock continues to grow its portfolio of well-priced, award-winning wines and expand retail distribution throughout North America and Europe, we thought it was perfect timing to launch a varietal that represented a very important time in rock music – the late 70’s to mid-80’s,” said Ron Roy. “The Police encompassed so much of what the New Wave movement was all about through infusing a variety of musical styles into a core creation of a singular song. The Wines That Rock team thought long and hard about our next wine and ‘Synchronicity’ became an obvious choice to compliment our classic rock fueled varietals launched last year.”

The Police “Synchronicity” Red Blend makes its official public debut October 10, 2010 at Food Network’s New York City, Wine & Food Festival and is currently available to the public at and retail locations nationwide.

Available directly from its website, Wines That Rock offers a 4-bottle rainbow pack of all current varieties and a collector T-Shirt ($69), as well as a 2-bottle gift pack ($49) that includes official merchandise from the artists. Wines That Rock also offers a 3, 6 and 12-bottle pack of each variety at around $16.99 per bottle. Individual bottles are competitively priced at your local retailer.

“Synchronicity” will debut newly designed corks that feature “Follow Us” logos for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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