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Wondering About Fall TV

By admin Published: August 14, 2008

"We're supposed to be getting married, and you're still here writing a 'Gossip Girl' review?"

At the office today, we were discussing plans for how to handle the new TV season, which starts somewhat on Sept. 1, with the return of "Gossip Girl," "One Tree Hill" and "Prison Break," as well as TNT's premiere of "Raising the Bar." (More things will be scattered over the ensuing weeks, with the big surge of new programming beginning Sept. 21.) But as we talked, it was difficult to think about what the new season will look like. ...

for some reasons explained in this Variety piece.

Usually around this time of year, I have stacks of pilots and revised pilots to go through. But this year, the pickings have been slim -- some CBS stuff from earlier in the summer, "Raising the Bar" and today's mail included a bunch of episodes of HBO's "True Blood." And today brought the season premiere of "Terminator: TSCC." And the Variety piece hints that we may not even get a sneak of "90210," the successor to "Beverly Hills, 90210," which has been filling a lot of space in this blog lately.

There's a minor blessing here, since a pilots pile probably would have kept me from digging very deep into "Beverly Hills, 90210," which has proven a kick for me and a lot of you. But it is still weird to be flying so blind in August. It makes me wonder if to some degree this season is going to turn into a nonstop round of viewing of things as they air.

Deadline viewing is not a completely novel idea, of course. It's the only way possible to watch the Super Bowl or "American Idol," for instance. And in the days when most TV was live, critics would watch shows as they aired, then write reviews for later publication.

But it's odd not to have a bigger grasp of what's coming down the TV pike, especially the opportunity to sit down with a stack of shows, watch them one after the other, and look for common threads.

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