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Worry, Worry, Worry ...

By admin Published: March 9, 2007

Little things can feel like big worries. Nice to see Molly Shannon on a good "30 Rock" on Thursday, but she looked alarmingly thin. Then there's the way Newsweek's Joshua Alston wrote about Amy Winehouse ...

For those of you who are not following Winehouse's career, she is famous for, among other things, bouts of substance abuse. Here's a recent note from a British Web site:

Amy Winehouse cancelled a concert on Thursday night, hours after being spotted stocking up on booze at a local supermarket.

The hell-raising star was snapped in the alcohol section of a north London supermarket at 11am, just hours before pulling the plug on her gig.

Winehouse's own Web site didn't even bother to come up with a bland excuse for her gig-dumping (you know, something like "exhaustion.") It just keeps leaning on "unforeseen circumstances."

That's cause for concern, especially with the continuing line of celebrities going into rehab. (I think the most recent is Eddie Van Halen.) But not a worry to Alston, who ended a profile of Winehouse in Newsweek's March 12 issue this way:

"I'm just very insecure," she says, "and when you're so insecure, alcohol brings your demons out. I can be very nice." But what fun would that be?


You can read the rest of the piece here but it's laced with a sense that there is indeed something fun, or at the very least amusing, about Winehouse's boozing and pot-smoking. And her behavior suggests just the opposite. What sort of "unforeseen circumstances" will be required for Newsweek to decide she's not really all that fun?

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