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Wrapping Up Thursday: "Bones," "Grey's Anatomy," "Private Practice"

By admin Published: January 24, 2009

With new and returning shows occupying more and more of winter nights, and with a couple of evening classes on my plate, I've been hoping to find a way to free up some hours. And I think I got two this week. ...

Not "Bones." I like "Bones," its blend of humor and grim business; it's sort of "CSI" with brighter lighting. This week we got two episodes, since the former president's farewell address a week ago prompted Fox to move the traveling-circus episode a week later. And it was the best of the two episodes (although Booth's Luc Robitaille hallucination in the second one was pretty good). A side note: In the preview copy sent out awhile back, Emily Deschanel (Bones, Temp, Brennan, whatever you want to call her) showed an obvious eye injury in the early scenes; it appeared that she must have had real damage done in the scene where Bones got hit in the eye, and since things were shot out of sequence, went into scenes before the eye injury with the damage visible; but it was CGI'ed out for the actually telecast.

Anyway, TV tricks aside, I did enjoy "Bones." And I should note that it is also one of the more sexual shows on television -- people are not for the most part averse to noting their desires, even if they seem a little odd (like hockey fights as a turn-on). Solid show, and I'm there every week.

But I think the time has finally come to clear "Grey's Anatomy" and "Private Practice" off my calendar. OK, so we know Izzie's visions of Dead Denny are illness-related -- that he's some kind of Messenger of Death (or Messenger of Serious Illness) trying to warn Izzie of her coming dilemma. Well, warning her after he gets some MoD/MoSI sex with her, anyway. Stupid. The whole thing with the serial killer was ever more pointless and, as much as I love Chandra Wilson, she is having to pull out every acting stop to make even modest sense of the way Bailey is now called upon to act. And Sloan's, uh, damage? Please. An awful subplot, unconvincingly done. So I am ready to move on. Let me know if it gets good again.

"Private Practice," meanwhile, continues to flounder. Much as I want to like it, I get to the end of episodes with an overwhelming sense of the blahs. Much as I enjoy some of the characters, I have almost no interest in what they're doing. Even bringing in Joel Grey to save things did not in the long run work.

So what should I be watching instead?

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