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Yes. ''JAG'' Is Coming to DVD

By RD Heldenfels Published: June 2, 2006

It's only taken a decade, and countless requests from fans, but ''JAG'' will finally appear on DVD on July 25. Paramount is releasing the ''Complete First Season'' set of episodes, apparently from the show's NBC run, in a six-disc set retailing for about $65. Expected extras include three featurettes: ''How the Series Took Flight,'' ''JAG: An Inside Look'' and ''The Military Accuracy.'' There's also a commentary from series co-creator Donald P. Bellisario on the show's pilot episode. That should be pretty good; I enjoyed Bellisario's commentary on the pilot of the ''NCIS'' first-season set, which hits stores on Tuesday.

I'm also encouraged by the release of ''JAG'' on DVD because it indicates that marketers are finally accepting the idea that people over 40 also buy DVDs. The accepted explanation for ''JAG's'' slow journey to DVD has been that it had an older audience, and Paramount thought they wouldn't buy it. But we're beginning to see the arrival of shows remembered fondly by people who can't count their gray hairs on just their fingers. I'm thinking of something like ''Cheyenne,'' which premiered in 1955, or even ''The Wild, Wild West,'' in a new 40th-anniversary set of first-season episodes. And both shows are in black-and-white (although ''West'' star Robert Conrad complains about it in a DVD commentary), supposedly anathema to the younger crowd.

I'm all for the DVDs of ''Deadwood,'' ''The Sopranos,'' ''Medium'' and other relatively recent fare. But let's not forget folks who cherished older shows, even ones that might not be called classic, but which filled a portion of viewing time. And if ''JAG'' sells, we'll also be reminded that it's not just young people who will open their wallets for entertainment.

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