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You Know a Cultural Moment Has Passed ...

By admin Published: May 29, 2009

... when no one making a show notices a glaring errors in a remark about TV's past. Which was exactly what happened in a "sneak peek" of "What Not To Wear" which aired during the season premiere of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." (Yes, I'm a little late getting to it. Please forgive.) The bit was shot at the Southfork Ranch, a famous location in the TV series "Dallas." As hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly walked along, Kelly said, "This is where J.R. was shot, but remember -- that whole season was a dream."

First of all, when J.R. was shot at the end of the third season, he wasn't at Southfork; he was in his office. (I went back to the DVDs to double-check.) Second, that wasn't the dream season. The dream was the ninth season, when Bobby was supposedly dead, only to reappear in the shower in the season finale.

When I saw the "What Not To Wear" spot, I thought, how could people mix up so much. Well, a lot of time has gotten in the way. "Dallas" ended its network run in 1991; the dream season was 1985-86; the shooting of J.R. was a phenomenon at the time, but that time was the spring of 1980. So there were probably people on the "Wear" crew who were either very young or not yet born when some of those things happened. At least, I'd rather believe that than think someone noticed they mistakes and they just didn't bother to fix them.

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