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"You've Got the Feed, We've Got the Food"

By admin Published: July 9, 2008

The fall season is still a ways off, but I've been thinking about it, including "Friday Night Lights" in the DirecTV/NBC era. (One thing whetting my appetite: A report from about two actors being demoted from regulars to recurrers. I can understand the issue from a storytelling standpoint, but it still makes me curious about how the show will look in the fall.)

Anyway, I am reasonably convinced that I won't be able to wait for "FNL" until it gets from DirecTV to NBC. But I am even more certain that I don't want to get DirecTV; too many financial and logistical issues.

So -- and I am sure many of you are way ahead of me on this one -- "FNL" fans should be looking for friends, neighbors or co-workers who HAVE DirecTV and make a deal under the slogan above. They'll provide the feed of "FNL," and all their visitors will bring food. Party time, Dillon style.

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