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NBC orders second season of "Aquarius"

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 25, 2015

Network proclaims digital victory, The official word: NBC has given a second-season renewal for its 1960’s-themed drama “Aquarius,” starring David Duchovny as an LAPD cop on the hunt for Charles Manson, it was announced today by Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment.

The critically acclaimed drama made TV history in May as the first broadcast series to be streamed in its entirety following its debut, with NBC making all 12 “Aquarius” episodes available online for the four weeks following its intial NBC telecast.

Salke commented, “With its riveting drama and innovative release strategy, ‘Aquarius’ has excited the critics, hooked millions of viewers and energized our summer. It’s no secret that the way people watch television is evolving, so we took a unique approach to how we delivered ‘Aquarius’ and it’s driven some record numbers for NBC Digital and helped us reach viewers who might have otherwise overlooked a great summer drama.”

Added Robert Hayes, Executive Vice President of NBC Entertainment Digital, “Beyond generating some truly impressive view totals, the network’s unique release strategy with ‘Aquarius’ has helped us gain new insights into viewership patterns, binging behavior and social engagement, significantly expanding our knowledge of how people are watching our shows online.”

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More fall premiere dates: Fox, CW, NBC

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 25, 2015

Fox is new today. The others came out while I was on vacation but I am posting here, starting with Fox: 

Sunday, Sept. 20


5:00-8:00 PM LIVE PT

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Notes from the road

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 18, 2015

I have been on vacation, and still am, hence the rarity of posts here. I don't expect to post much, if at all, until next week. I have done occasional tweets and FB posts if you are following me there. Of course, most of those are pictures of the beach and of food. And right now, those are my priorities.

As for other things right now:

Pray for the good people of Charleston, SC, and disregard the haters who feel the need to spread their hostility around such disasters.

As I said after the NBA Finals: Sorry about the Cavs but they did better than anyone, including LeBron James, thought when the season began. Great ride!

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Video: Two Guys Talkin' about late night music directors

By Published: June 11, 2015

Akron Beacon Journal writers Malcolm Abram and Rich Heldenfels talk about late night musical directors.

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ABC announces fall premiere dates

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 10, 2015

Here's the list from the network:


10:00-11:00 p.m. “20/20”


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CBS announces fall premiere dates

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 9, 2015

Thursday, Sept. 17


8:25 PM, ET NFL THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (Denver @ Kansas City)


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Monday roundup: Mark Johnson speaks for fans, recent writing

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 8, 2015

Above, Mark Johnson joins Cleveland fans who endured all those no-calls at the end of Sunday's game. More about that following a few notes.

Stuff I had published recently:

Akron zombie classic "The Dead Next Door" is getting a new release.

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The album-streak discussion continues (updated)

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 4, 2015

Jason A. Segedy sent along his list:

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV (1971); Houses of the Holy (1973); Physical Graffiti (1975)

Radiohead – The Bends (1995); OK Computer (1997); Kid A (2000)

Depeche Mode – Black Celebration (1986); Music for the Masses (1987); Violator (1990)

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Goodbye, "Hot in Cleveland" (with spoilers)

By Rich Heldenfels Published: June 4, 2015

It was pure "Hot in Cleveland" in the series finale last night. Celebrity guests (Bob Newhart, Thomas Gibson, Huey Lewis). Meta jokes (one about people named "Betty"). And -- the two most important things -- happy endings all around, and Cleveland's still the women's home.

In case you missed the resolutions: Joy (Jane Leeves) and Bob (Dave Foley) married -- but in Las Vegas -- and adopted a daughter they named Elizabeth but will call Betty. Bob's dad (Bob Newhart) ended up marrying Elka (Betty White), even after he found out Elka had lied about her age, telling him she's in her eighties. Elka, as we all know, is Betty White's age, 93. Victoria (Wendie Malick) was planning to go back to L.A. to boost her acting career, but in Vegas reconnects with Johnny (Huey Lewis); both decide to get out of show business and back together. And Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) meets a handsome guy (Thomas GIbson) on the plane flight to Paris, and falls in love. All four couples are together in the series-ending flash forward, showing them all five years later at the birthday of Joy and Bob's daughter; the four women are all still in Cleveland and get together every Wednesday.

It was funny enough, more than some recent episodes. The flash-forward, set to Queen's "You're My Best Friend," wasn't much since the characters' future had been clear before then. But the finale stayed true to the idea of the show, that it is possible to find happiness as years go by, not only through romance but through devoted friendships.


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