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By Dennis Published: November 15, 2010

If you are interested in the use of Social Media in Hr, and especially in public safety services, then you can find a great deal of information at the International Association of Chiefs of Police website. In addition to a blog, there is a model social media policy.

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Online Vetting - Part 2 - USAToday on Safety Forces and Facebook

By Dennis Published: November 12, 2010

I guess sometimes I can predict the future. The attached USAToday article deals with the controversy over cyber vetting for safety force jobs.

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Reporting Adverse Impact - a Report

By Dennis Published: November 12, 2010

The Center for Corporate Equality has released its TAC paper on best practices and guidance on reporting adverse impact. It is an excellent resource. I disagree only in that I believe the guidance is too technical and mathematical in nature, in doing so it fails to consider the psychological questions or underlying hypotheses. Still, it is an excellent resource.

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Online Vetting

By Dennis Published: November 11, 2010

The World of Online Vetting is heating up. Consider for example the recent court case involving a firing and Facebook postings. The National Labor Relations Board said a company fired an employee illegally after she criticized her supervisor on Facebook. A description of the case can be found at the New York Times.

In addition, from the Yahoo site, the following advice is offered regarding changes in HR. Note the 1st item is the increased use of cyber vetting.

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