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Kent State Flashes

Boston College recap

By admin Published: August 30, 2008

(photo courtesy of Dan Dougherty)

You couldn’t have really expected much more out of the Kent State football team. I’ll take a 21-0 loss in this game fairly easy. Yes, the flashes could have upset the Boston College, but they would have had to play a perfect football game.

Safety Brian Lainhart said it best when explained that Boston College is a team that will never beat themselves. And they didn’t. No penalties, no turnovers. That is as clean as you can get.

Kent State would have needed the inexperience of Boston College at quarterback and running back to shine through and neither showed much sign of weakness.

The Eagles also were much bigger and more powerful in the trenches, where I feel football is won.

Boston College came into this game a lot more skilled than I realized they were. Their defense, which finished last season second in the nation in rushing defense, is legitimate and will give any teams fits this year. I would have liked for Kent State to test their passing defense, but unfortunately the pass rush never gave them the chance.

Things I liked

 Very little mistakes

Perhaps the biggest positive to take form this game is the surprising maturity the Flashes played with on both sides of the football.

Committing four penalties for 30 yards is a very large improvement from last year’s team that liked to jump off sides and commit other silly penalties.

The Flashes stayed within their means, tried to execute their offense the best they could against a team they were outmatched by and played intelligent football.

The Turnovers were also kept to a minimum. Yes, Julian Edelman threw two interceptions. One was on third and long. The deep prayer was a glorified punt right before halftime.

His second interception was one of the more regrettable decisions of the night as he forced a ball over the middle when the Flashes had their own real chance for a touchdown. Edelman said that the lineman “made a great play” but I think he realizes he probably shouldn’t have thrown it. His running ability is still what makes him special.

True freshman Josh Pleasant had the Flashes only fumble lost as the ball was knocked out of his hand during a fourth quarter punt return. I’ll chalk that one up as a freshman mistake for now as the play was pretty much meaningless anyways. Welcome to college football Mr. Pleasant. I think he will be alright.

 Matt Rinehart’s punting

Wow, what a difference a good punter makes. Rinehart a true freshman pinned the Eagles inside the 20 twice as he averaged 43.4 yards a punt in his first career collegiate game. Jake Kilroy’s average last year: 36.6 yards a punt.

Rinehart’s longest punt of the night was 54 yards as he showed tremendous hang time on each punt.

Although the longest punt of the night belonged to Edelman as his pooch kicked pinned the Eagles on the one. I really liked the call and the execution on that.

 Andre Flowers

Did anyone run as hard or with as much purpose – atleast in a Flashes uniform-- as Flowers did tonight? The Sophomore looked very quick as he came around the edge and ran with a certain demeanor that I love.

While there is no chance of anyone unseating Eugene Jarvis, depth at running back is a great asset. Especially since is style is so much different than that of Jarvis.

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Jarvis used in more of a Michael Westbrook role allowing Flowers to hammer it out, but it is too soon in the season to discuss those types of decisions

I would have liked to see more of…..

The passing game

The Boston College front seven is as good as any, if not the best, The Flashes will see all season. That doesn’t mean I don’t think the Flashes could have done a tad bit more through the air.

I liked that tight end Jameson Konz caught a pass early, but he was non existent after that. His line after the game: two catches, 12 yards.

Konz is a tremendous weapon at his position and can influence a game heavily. The Flashes must find a way to implement him more in the game plan.

When Edelman actually had time he did do a nice job of finding receivers, but the Flashes ran a lot of wide receiver screens and played extremely conservative. He finished the night 10-14 for 123 with two interceptions.

Shawn Bayes was a big plus on his four catches as he showed elusiveness and sauvy. Let’s just hope he doesn’t disappear next week like he seemed to do last year. This receiving group has a tendency to do that.

Eugene Jarvis

Kent State coach Doug Martin couldn’t help but laugh when I asked if Boston college was doing anything special to corral Jarvis.

Boston College was just too big and skilled of a team. After all, they finished last season as the second best team in the nation in rushing defense. Thye returned everyone in the front seven and added two guys who missed last year due to injury.

Not exactly the easiest team to find running room and the reason why Jarvis’ line for the night was 11 carries for 51 yards. He really never got going until the fourth quarter when he had the nifty 34 yard catch in which he batted the ball around the defender before catching it.



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