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Football team ticked off

By admin Published: October 28, 2008

One Kent State football player – Yes, I know his name, but I am not putting it out -- was fired up enough about his team Monday morning that he decided to pay the Kent State student newspaper, The Daily Kent Stater, a visit.

The player brought with him two stacks of the Stater's Monday paper and placed them in the doorway of their newsroom in Franklin Hall.

After asking if it was the Daily Kent Stater, the player began to inform those in the newsroom he was doing a “service” for the university by bringing the papers back. He then lightly kicked over the piles and began to utter the headline the Stater used after the team’s loss against Ohio: “Kent kick, Kent win, Kent State.”

Whether the act was intelligent or not is another story. The Kent State players are showing some type of passion and emotion and are sick of being a doormat and sick of being the punchline fo a joke, it seems.

Kent State coach Doug Martin described a different player as “being sick and tired of being sick and tired” and I think, right now, that applies to the entire team.

As it appeared in my story in today’s paper. Martin is no longer protecting players. He is no longer coddling players. Do your job or get out of the way is his new message.

Players are expected to do their jobs. The kickoff coverage team has been allowing big gains and good field position to opposing teams. Martin has been squib kicking to try to prevent that.

No more.

He is going to kick it deep. If the coverage team doesn’t do its job they will be called out in front of the team. He may even rattle off their names in a press conference, Martin said.

In yesterday’s press conference martin described how NCAA rules allow for 65 players to travel for away games, yet his travel number was about 10 short.

He said it could be 45 players traveling this week to Bowling Green. He is only taking players who want to be there and are going to perform.

Martin also called the receivers a major disappointment and said their blocking was atrocious against Miami. He said he didn’t even want to watch that atrocity again, so expect the receivers to be pared a tad as well.

When told about the player’s special delivery to the Daily Kent Stater, Martin just smiled.

Good, you got him ticked off. Keep him that way, Martin said.

Martin is doing his part to tick him off as well.



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