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Ford weighs in on possible tournament expansion

By admin Published: February 3, 2010

Expanding the NCAA Tournament from 65 teams to 96 has been a serious topic of debate recently.

Kent State men's coach Geno Ford recently shared his opinion on the issue with The Plain Dealer.

"I would think you could get at least seven more mid-majors," Kent State coach Geno Ford said. "Look at a team like Cleveland State a year ago. If they don't upset Butler in the conference tournament, it's 85- to 90-percent certain they don't get in, even with a win over Syracuse. They end up getting in, and winning a game. They proved they belonged.

"But had they lost on Butler's home court, they probably would not have been a participant. That's the kind of team you hope [expanding the tournament] benefits. I guarantee you there was at least other team out there just like Cleveland State that didn't make it."

With 347 schools playing Division I men's basketball, 27.6 percent of the teams would take part in a 96-team tournament. That number sounds about right to Ford.

"You still have to have a heck of a year to get in," Ford said. "It isn't like they're going to start putting teams in with 16 wins. I think the reality is, how elite does the tournament have to be. Should it only be 16 percent?"



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