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Game 3:Delaware State @ Kent State

By admin Published: September 13, 2008

Game 2: Delaware State versus Kent State
At: The Newly Renovated Dix Stadium
Kickoff: 2:00

First impressions:

Wow. The renovations to Dix Stadium look great. It is a shame that no one will be here to see it today due to the rain. A 0-2 start hasn’t created much of a buzz either.

The new video board really pops from the end zone with a crystal clear picture. It truly makes Dix feel like a Division I field. I can’t make that comment about the rest of the stadium though.

The Flashes are celebrating Heroes’ Day today which means the armed services local firefighters, policemen and boy scouts are in full force.

Perhaps it’s a bad omen, or maybe it is just cynical, but two fire trucks sit in front of the Dix Stadium entrance with their ladders extending up and touching each other. I hope the football team didn’t “walk under the ladders” as everyone else had to do.

What to expect early:

A well balanced attack should be in the cards today. Against Delaware State last season Edelman was instructed not to run at all and to become a pocket passer. Little did we know at the time the main reason for that was Edelman injured his knee the week before in Kentucky.

Either way Edelman played an efficient game last year against the Hornets as he picked up 267 yards through the air. After throwing for three touchdowns last week, I expect more of the same against an inferior defense to Iowa State.

Let’s just hope he and the rest of the Flashes avoid the fumbilitis.

Today’s media food:

Kent State always knows how to serve their guests. Today it is discolored hot dogs or Italian Sausage. Also on the menu is a pasta and a choice of chicken Caesar or vegetarian wraps. Let’s not forget the American flag cookies celebrating Heroes’ Day!

Key’s to the game:

 Stop fumbling! Last season Kent State lost 11 fumbles all season. This year? Five already. That is unacceptable. The roughest part about last week is Kent State had an opportunity to beat Iowa State again. Fumbles didn’t let that happen and they barely ever will. So stop it please. As Doug Martin said Monday: It has been two years of fumbles already. That’s enough.

 Shore up the special teams units. The Achilles heal of Doug martin. Specials teams always seems to be a nightmare for this team and Last week might have been the worst when two punts were blocked and fumbled punt return. That happens when true freshman play at punt returner, punter and long snapper. With the exception of Josh Pleasant fumbling, it wasn’t even these guys fault though. Life is already tough for these three, the upper classman need to make it easier for them

 Establish Eugene Jarvis early. Jarvis is a bona fide player who brings his best to the field every day. Utilize that. With a healthy running game Edelman should be able to relax and get a few passing yards too.



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