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Kent State Flashes

Game 4: Kent State at Louisiana-Lafayette

By admin Published: September 18, 2008

Game 4: Kent State (1-2) at Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin Cajuns(0-2)
At: Cajun Field in Lafayette, LA.
Kickoff: 7 p.m. EST.

Honestly this game really does not mean much in the larger picture of things as the Mid-American Conference schedule is just a week away. But for Doug Martin’s sake I hope the Flashes don’t take that main focus with them to Louisiana.

The seat seems a little bit warmer for Doug Martin. I feel it is pretty obvious it is a win or leave type year for him. With that being said an out of conference win could go a long way in quieting nay Sayers and giving his team confidence. At the same time getting anyone else hurt could do a lot of damage heading into the MAC season.

Last week’s win showed me just how thin the Flashes really are on offense. Losses of running back Eugene Jarvis and tight end Jameson Konz (although he hasn’t done much anyways… more on him in a bit) left quarterback Julian Edelman as a one man show.

Edelman, like usual, showed Flashes of brilliance as he slithered through would be tacklers and broke off nifty runs. No offense to back up running back Andre Flowers, but Edelman talents were pulling much more of the weight than usual. Of course it doesn’t help when the receivers are as inept as they are.

In last week, KSU didn’t have many crisp drives nor did they dominate the Hornets. In fact the best drive was Kent State’s first of the game when Edelman kept the ball on option plays the majority of the time before scoring a rushing touchdown.

The second touchdown came on a fake field goal attempt and the other was a late rushing touchdown by Flowers. If Flowers and true freshman Jacquise Terry can quickly develop at running back, and they both have the talent to do so, the Flashes will be alright.

Last week the offense looked very thing and very scary, hopefully Jarvis is healthy and ready to go ASAP.
This brings me to my next point…..

Jameson Konz is the savior of this offense…. Oh yea. Sorry about that.

Konz has pulled a disappearing act on this team as he went from offensive savior and focal point to… Jameson Who?

Martin has continued to make statements that he cannot understand an ankle taking this long to heal and that he “has never seen anything like it.” In my mind there are two ways to take this.

Either the injury is a legitimate problem or Konz hasn’t responded the way the team would have liked. So for now his magical season of two catches and 12 yards is on hold. Sad too, At last weekend’s game scouts from the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers made the trip to see Konz stand on the sidelines.

With his ankle still bumming Konz isn’t even on the travel roster for this week’s game in Louisiana. Instead Coach Martin is talking about burning the red shirt on true freshman tight end Justin Thompson.

Thompson is a player that is hard to gauge. I covered one of his high school games at Columbus St. Francis DeSales, but he wasn’t featured much. In fact he wasn’t featured at all. DeSales loves the triple option offense, so I saw run, after run, after run.

Martin said Thompson possesses good hands and that in the recruiting process they got a first hand look when he attended one of their camps.

Seriously I am not going to talk about them. It’s depressing.

Key’s to the game:
 Containing the beast

Cajun Quarterback Michael Desormeaux and running back Tyrell Fenroy are both capable of hurting the Flashes. Martin refers to Desormeaux as an Edelman clone who gives teams fits with his legs and is becoming an adequate passer.

Fenroy is the school’s all-time leading rusher and is second in the NCAA among active running backs in yardage (3,347 yards).

Kent State needs to keep Fenroy at bay and keep Desormeaux in the pocket if they want a chance to win.

 Handle the Cajun’s defensive line.

Louisiana-Lafayette possesses a very aggressive defense that will stunt and blitz on the majority of the plays. N. 24 Illinois had trouble with it last week. KSU can’t afford to.

 Catch some balls

This receiving crops is like the Achilles heal. It is very hard for Edelman, and Jarvis for that matter, to get much accomplished when the receiving corps continues to drop catch able balls.

Give Edelman space to work and can do some good things. He can’t afford to throw interceptions, or fumble, either though.



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