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Quotes from football coach Paul Haynes after win over Miami

By Darrin Werbeck Published: November 14, 2013

Coach Paul Haynes

Opening Statement: A great win, a good way to send our seniors out the right way in a Kent State uniform in Dix Stadium. A lot of these guys made great contributions in today’s win and it was good to see all 16 seniors play. We got one more to finish the mission and we can win two in a row to start our offseason program for our younger guys.

On Miami’s performance: They were going to try and shorten the game and run the football a bunch. We’ll sit there and look at all the mistakes and missed tackles, but when we told them that they were going to try and shorten the game and run the football that’s when they stepped up and we did a better job of stopping the run and controlling the gaps. I commend them though, with everything they have been through, changing coaches in the middle of the year, those kids still play hard and it’s good to see that those kids still have a lot of fight in them and didn’t give up. They are very well coached and the coaches do a good job of keeping that team together.

On running the football well: These guys were excited to run it. I heard Dri and Trayion on the sideline talking about how they were going to switch off and keep pounding it and running it, so they were excited about running it and when they are excited about running it then it makes it work a little bit better.

The defense’s performance: They play hard, they play real hard. We kept them out of the end zone and made plays when we had to. I know Rosie was close on the sack record so hopefully he gets that so he can leave here the sack leader in Kent State history.

The impact of Nix and Archer over the years: They have brought play making ability and they brought good leadership not only to this team but to Kent State football. These are two guys that are going to be talked about for a long time and when you talk about leaving a legacy these guys have done a good job at that. When you talk about number 5 and number 1, these guys will always be mentioned. They have done a great job and another thing is that they are both great students.  As an alum, I’m proud of both of these men and what they have accomplished.

Victory for you as a coach on senior night: You know, transition is hard on anyone and a lot of times the kids aren’t taking into consideration. I was in the same boat as these guys when I played. I went through three coaches and these guys are also going through three coaches. They didn’t know when I came in and I commend them for going through this again and letting me in.



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