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Singletary suspended and other notes

By admin Published: September 4, 2008

Kent State basketball player Chris Singletary has been “indefinitely suspended” by the Kent State Athletic Department after being arrested over the weekend. He will be allowed to participate in team activities.

Singletary was arraigned yesterday morning on charges of resisting arrest and loud noise/disturbance. He pled not guilty, according to court records. A pretrial will be held Oct. 9 at 10 a.m.

“While we are disappointed with Chris’ actions over the weekend, he still has our support and is a valued member of our program. We believe that the suspension is a necessary step at this time until the issue is resolved by the judicial system,” Kent State Athletic Director Laing Kennedy said in a press release.

Further action could be determined after the settlement of Singletary’s legal process.

Singletary was a key player for the Flashes last season as he averaged 10.3 points and 3.2 rebounds a game allowing the Flashes to earn its tenth straight season of 20 wins or more, a Mid-American Conference title and a trip to the NCAA Tournament.


I have always enjoyed being around Chris and I have never really felt like he is a bad person or a threatening person by any means. All of his arrests seem – to me atleast –petty.

Yet at what point does Kent State grow tiresome of having to deal with these type charges?

As a 23-year-old student myself I know we all go through growing pains at this age. It has to be even tougher for a guy like Chris, who is still trying to establish a type of structure in his life that he may have lacked in Chicago.

If he doesn’t figure it out quick though, he may be back in Chicago sooner than he would like to be. I hope that is not the case as I feel Chris needs basketball and Kent State to continue to develop as a person and put these types of situations in the past.


I apologize for those who were looking for a Tyree Evans update because I did not deliver one. Evans is indeed on campus and working out with the basketball team.

In fact, he joined the rest of the team as they marched down the goal line after the first quarter of Kent State’s season opening loss to Boston College at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

While I have yet to interview Evans myself – I should be scheduling something in the not so distant future -- He is definitely an interesting story from what I have found out. I will have a story for the paper in a couple weeks, so keep an eye out for that.


My counterpart over at the Zips blog, Mike Rasor, has some pretty cool stuff about compliance issues in college athletics. I found it all pretty interesting and it is worth a read if you have questions on gray shirting and eligibility in general.

The post also announces that the Zippies have released their upcoming hoops schedule. Although the Zippies did pick up Pittsburgh, Winthrop and Dayton this year, it is still lackluster. Albeit still much stronger than in past years.

Akron coach Keith Dambrot's scheduling always bothers me. How do you expect to earn an NCAA bid when you schedule cupcakes that deliver little RPI points? This is not only bad for Akron, it is bad for the Mid-American Conference as an entirety (hence why I am complaining about it here). Playing Pittsburgh is a step in the right direction.

Expect the Flashes to release their upcoming schedule soon. I have been told they are trying to fill one more open slot thus delaying the release. A date with National Champion Kansas will be on the schedule though.



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