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Happy Birthday Julia Child!

By Lisa Abraham Published: August 15, 2012

What a great day this has been celebrating the 100th birthday of Julia Child.

Most foodies count Julia among their food heros. I know I do.

And I have always appreciated her as much for her humor as for her cooking.

Plenty of folks had gotten in on the celebration.

The Blue Door Cafe & Bakery in Cuyahoga Falls was packed for lunch today, where owner Michael Bruno had put together a menu of Julia-inspired specials and French fare.

I met a grandmother who was lunching  with her granddaughter. They told me that inspired by today's Beacon Journal food section, they decided to spend the day celebrating Julia Child. They went out for French food for lunch, and were returning home to cook together, work on their needlepoint, and finish off the day by watching the movie Julie and Julia.

Sounds like a perfectly splendid day to me!

I sampled too many things with my lunch companion Kathy Lehr, the Bath Township bread baking instructor, but my favorite was of course, Bruno's croissants.

Kathy and I both wore pearls to lunch to celebrate Julia, and she told me a great story of how her mentor, bread expert Danielle Forrester, as a wedding gift for Kathy and her husband Michael, had arranged for the pair to have dinner with Julia in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Danielle had baked with Julia and had even been a guest on one of her PBS shows.

Unfortunately, at the time, Julia's husband Paul Child, was ill and the pair had to be in Cambridge, Mass., not at their home in Santa Barbara, so the dinner did not happen. :(

Speaking of their home in Cambridge, when I was in Cambridge in March, I could not help myself. I had a taxi deliver me right to the front door of 103 Irving St., just a few blocks from Harvard Square, where I shamlessly tried to peep in the windows and posed for photos  out front.

Here I am at Julia's house.In front of Julia Child's former house in Cambridge, Mass. I'm sure her spirit was watching me, wishing I could come in for a visit to talk about food and cook something together. Big sigh!! In my dreams!

Happy Birthday dear Julia.

Your memory is eternal!







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