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New CSA available at Interval Brotherhood Home

By Lisa Abraham Published: May 20, 2013

The Interval Brotherhood Home is offering a new CSA (community supported agriculture program) or farm share this year.

It's just $200 for 20 weeks of produce, but is limited to the first 40 members who sign up.

As with any CSA, members pay their fees upfront and accept the risk that the farmers do, including bad weather which could affect the amount of vegetables produced.

 The IBH Garden CSA offers 20 weeks of produce in a vegetable box scheme based on harvest; a diverse mix of fresh, locally-grown produce that is harvested no more than 2 days before pick-up; and seasonal fresh flowers at an additional cost.

In 2012, IBH started a garden on approximately 1-acre of land on the IBH campus, to  provide initial work opportunities to former residents after successful completion of the IBH residential treatment program.

 IBH created the garden with the understanding that stable employment is a significant factor in supporting a life of long-term sobriety.

More than 5,000-lbs. of produce were harvested in 2012. A portion of the produce was used by the food service staff at IBH to prepare meals for its clients. Additional portions were sold at a road side stand, and approximately 4,000-lbs. were donated to local food pantries and the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank.

 This year, the garden has expanded to 3-acres, and membership in the IBH Garden CSA has been open to the community. To become a member, visit to download an application.



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