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Reader hears my zucchini plight

By Lisa Abraham Published: July 18, 2012

Reader Sandra Hansel of Fairlawn, after reading my column today,knew I would need some help using up all of my garden's  zucchini, so she sent me this recipe, which she found years ago in a Miami Herald Food Section.

If you haven't read it, here's the link so you know what I'm talking about:

The recipe is for Chocolate Zucchini Cake, which is a favorite of her four granddaughters.

"This is the BEST way to eat zucchini!!!" she wrote.

Here's the recipe. Sounds yummy. Let me know if you try it.


1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1 stick butter or margarine, softened

1/2 cup vegetable oil

3 eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

1/2 cup buttermilk

2 1/2 cups flour

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa

2 tsps baking soda

1/2 tsp allspice

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

11/2 to 2 cups grated zucchini

1/2 to 1 cup semi-sweetened chocolate chips, optional

1/3 to 1 cup chopped nuts, optional

Combine sugars, margarine and vegetable oil in large bowl of an electric mixer and beat until fluffy.  

Add eggs one at a time beating after each addition. Add vanilla and buttermilk and beat until smooth. 

Sift together dry ingredients. Gradually add to first mixture, beating until smooth. Fold in zucchini and chocolate chips and nuts. Pour into greased and floured 9x13" pan. Bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour or until cake tests done. Cool on wire rack and cut into squares, frosting is optional since the cake is rich, but you can frost with homemade chocolate frosting.





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