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Thanksgiving dinner is a little cheaper this year

By Lisa Abraham Published: November 15, 2013

That turkey and stuffing will cost a little less this year.

The American Farm Bureau is out with its annual report on the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner to feed 10 and the price — $49.04 — is a 44-cent drop from last year.
That makes Thanksgiving 2013 cheaper than Thanksgiving 2012 and 2011, when the meal was $49.48 and $49.20, respectively.

This is the 28th year the Farm Bureau has conducted its survey.

“The cost of this year’s meal, at less than $5 per serving, remains an excellent value for consumers,” Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman, said in a news release posted on the bureau’s website.

The survey’s shopping list includes a turkey, bread stuffing, sweet potatoes, rolls with butter, peas, cranberries, a relish tray of carrots and celery, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, coffee and milk, all in quantities large enough to feed a family of 10 with leftovers.

The big item – a 16-pound turkey – came in at $21.76 this year, or roughly $1.36 per pound, a decrease of about 3 cents per pound, or a total of 47 cents per whole turkey, compared to 2012.  However, many frozen turkeys at Akron-area gocery stores are selling for less, some as low as 59 cents per pound.

To conduct the study, the Farm Bureau had 167 volunteer shoppers checked prices at grocery stores in 34 states. The volunteers were asked to look for the best possible prices, without taking advantage of special promotional coupons or purchase deals, such as spending $50 and receiving a free turkey.

The survey is an informal gauge of price trends around the nation. The menu has remained unchanged since 1986 to allow for consistent price comparisons.

Here’s the 2013 menu with the price differences from 2012 noted in parentheses.
16-pound turkey 21.76 (-.47)
Rolls, 12 2.18 (-.15)
Green peas, 1 lb. 1.54 (-.12)
Cubed stuffing, 14 oz. 2.67 (-.10)
Fresh cranberries, 12 oz. 2.42 (-.03)
Pie shells (2) 2.49 (-.02)
Sweet potatoes, 3 lbs. 3.36 (+.21)
Pumpkin pie mix, 30-oz.  3.10 (+.08)
Milk, 1 gallon whole 3.66 (+.07)
1-pound relish tray (carrots and celery) .81 (+.05)
Whipping cream, half pint 1.85 (+.02)
Misc. ingredients (coffee, onions, eggs, sugar, flour, evaporated milk and butter) 3.20 (+.02)
2013 Total 49.04 (-.44)



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