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What's better than fruit and cheese?

By Lisa Abraham Published: August 13, 2013

lisa 005This is me and Summit County Probate Court Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer.

Judge Stormer was diagnosed in the spring with breast cancer and has been taking treatment all summer.

The good news is the treatment is working and her tumor has all but disappeared. Yeah!

The bad news is, the treatment has caused her to lose her hair. Boo!

As a joke, her family posed for a photo wearing a wide array of funny hats, including these two. After my recent column on the food I could not live without -- cheese -- the judge decided that I really needed the cheese head hat to wear.

I agreed to wear the cheese head as long as she was willing to wear one too. And what could be better with cheese than a little fruit? OK, a large glass of wine, but fruit is good too.

So here we are. Judge Stormer doing her best immitation of Carmen Miranda and me looking like a Green Bay Packers fan. (Not). If only this hat was real cheese and not foam... sigh...

Don't we look great?

And how about a round of applause for Judge Stormer who is kicking cancer in the butt and looking great while doing it.

I'm joining with many others who are praying for her full recovery.

To the ladies out there who may be reading this, the judge's tumor was disagnosed during her yearly mamogram and she caught it when it was still treatable. Let this be a lesson to all women --- GET THAT ANNUAL MAMOGRAM!!!

OK, I'll stop shouting now and go have a piece of cheese.



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