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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Bob Feller: What a memory

By Marla Published: December 22, 2010

Last week's passing of legendary Indians Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller awakened 20-year-old memories of Indians fantasy camp for Don Kase of Silver Lake.

Kase, 85, a Cleveland West Tech graduate who is still a practicing CPA in Akron, was 64 when he made the trip to fantasy camp in 1990. He said he got to know Feller pretty well. But the conversation that stood out came at the water fountain when they started talking about the 12 one-hitters Feller threw.

"I said, 'Remember the game the left fielder misjudged a fly ball and that was the only hit you gave up in the game?''' Kase said. "He didn't take 10 seconds and he said, 'Jim Fridley.' He said, 'And that was 38 years ago.' He remembered that well, but he didn't go away complaining.''

That game came in 1952, Fridley's only season in the majors with Cleveland.

Kase said he loved his experience at fantasy camp so much, he sent his two sons the following year.



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