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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Browns' 2 Christmas gifts

By Marla Published: December 6, 2010

While Mike Adams' interception off a deflected pass with 54 seconds remaining was a lucky break in the Browns' 13-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins Sunday, it wasn't the only one they received.

They were just as fortunate that rookie cornerback Nolan Carroll dropped an interception of a Jake Delhomme pass intended for tight end Ben Watson with 1:44 remaining that could have been returned for a touchdown. At the least, the Dolphins would have taken over inside the Browns' 40.

“I should have made it; that’s it,'' Carroll said afterward. "I saw the route; I knew it was coming before the play even happened because they ran the same thing earlier in the game. I've just got to make the play.''

 Carroll said there was no doubt in his mind it could have gone for a pick six.

"I know for a fact I score. I've just got to make it,'' he said.

"They ran the same exact route in the first quarter, the same exact route. I saw it was coming and I knew I was going to have Sean (Smith) over top so jumped it this time.''

Asked about Delhomme's tendency to throw interceptions, Carroll said, "We knew coming in he was going to give us chances and he did give us chances. The way we played our defense we kind of made a little bit indecision on his part.''



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