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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Cavs post-game comments

By Marla Published: December 3, 2010

Here's what was said by the Cavs after a 118-90 loss to the Miami Heat Thursday night.


You've got to move on, this game's over. It's a letdown to us. It hurts. But we've got to move on.

I'm embarrassed. I really wanted to win. Really wanted to win.

Was there pressure to win for clevland: I don't think so.

Did you have words with LeBron: No.

What was it like to play against him: It's weird, but it is what it is.

Hhave you ever heard the Q that loud: Yeah, it was a playoff crowd, great crowd.

Did you caught up in hoopla: I don't think so. We've gotten off to slow starts before. They were clicking, played well the whole game, they didn't have a letup.

Charles Barkley said you guys were too friendly with LeBron, can you comment: I have none.

can you move on: We've got to play 'em again. Hopefully we respond better than we did tonight.


Why didn't you guys come out fired up: We didn't start bad, but it was very comfortable for them. They went where they wanted to go, shot the shots they wanted to shoot, they played well. They were clicking on all cylinders on both ends, but we certainly didn't put any pressure or make them uncomfortable in any way.

Was it difficult to make LeBron uncomfortable: He's a great player. Any time great players get a rhythm, it's tough after that. D-Wade, great player, any time he gets a rhythm, it's tough after that. You try to get into 'em and hopefully they don't get some free throws or some layups to get some confidence and we didn't do that tonight.

Why not knock LeBron down: They shot well, too. I haven't seen them play a whole lot, but it seems like this was one of their better games of the year. Offensively we didn't play well. This week we went up against two of the top teams in the East and it's disappointing, we know we can play better than we showed the last couple games.

When LeBron over at the bench dancing, your attitude: I didn't see that, so I don't know.

What think of him coping with stuff going on: I wasn't thinking of him coping with it, I was thinking about us. It was a great atmosphere. It's just disappointing.

Crowd: It was what we expected. I think it was good they didn't go overboard in terms of disrupting the game in any way. They certainly let their feelings be known. That's what we expected. It was a great atmosphere. That's what hurts so much. The fans showed up for us like that and we let 'em down.

Did the crowd get closure: That's something you've got to go out in the streets and ask them. They certainly got an opportunity to let their voices be heard.


We didn't play well at all. We had a bad night, that's why they beat us like that.

LeBron: It was just another game. Tough loss for us.

Lack of intensity: A little bit of everything. We didn't move the ball well on offense, we didn't do well on defense, either.

When you give 100 percent every night you don't feel embarrassed at all. You know you tried. I believe we did tonight.

Fans: The fans have been great. Tonight with what happened with LeBron they were a lot louder and on him. We all expected to see that.

Jovial with LeBron, Charles Barkley said that wasn't a good idea: He was a guy I played with for seven years. I learned a lot from him. I had some good times with him when I played with him. The way I grew up, I have to at least say hi to him, that's what I did. That comes from family. I wasn't joking around, I was trying to win the game.


Was there one thing that bothered you: I thought when they got that little run going we didn't stick to the things we talked about doing, our principles kind of broke down.

One thing I feared about at the beginning of the game was going too fast and turning the ball over and that's what we did.

We started out OK, then we started having breakdowns on offense.

LeBron: I thought he played great.

Joking with LeBron, taunting the bench: I really didn't see that. I turned one time and he was down there talking. I'm not really worried about that, I'm worried about us. That's what he does most games. It doesn't worry me. The thing that worries me that we have to get worried as a basketball team.

Disappointed because I know we can play better. I haven't lost any faith in those guys. I've seen them do it. It's a matter of continuing to work on it, staying together as a basketball team, keeping faith in one another and trusting each other. We're going to be fine.

Why didn't anybody knock LeBron down: The biggest thing is we gave up almost half the points in the paint tonight than we did the other night (against the Celtics). I think he got a couple in there.

What should fans take away: That we're better than what we did tonight and Miami's pretty good.

Did your team get caught up in the moment: We got a lot of good looks, we missed a lot of shots, a lot of shots that we've been knocking down on a consistent basis. Tonight we tried to rely on the offense. When we started missing shots all of a sudden we started getting down on ourselves and then it affects us on the defensive end. That's how most young teams play. I'm not discouraged, I'm not embarrassed, I'm disappointed. I've got a lot of faith in the guys in that locker room and we're going to keep fighting.

Lineup changes at 3 and 4: No, not right now.



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