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Marla Ridenour on Sports

CBS's Danielson previews Arkansas-Alabama

By Marla Published: September 22, 2011

Here's what CBS's lead college football analyst Gary Danielson, the former Browns quarterback, had to say about this weekend's Arkansas-Alabama showdown in Tuscaloosa, Ala. according to a CBS press release:

"You would think that to beat Alabama, you want to throw the ball.  But when you look closer at Alabama’s four conference losses over the last three seasons, it’s interesting that the formula is the same in all four games. The most passes thrown by any of those winning teams is 22 (Florida, 2008).  Sothe real key to this game is not the great Arkansas passing game, but can Arkansas run the ball enough?  Because if you get into the passing game with Alabama, the stats say they don’t lose."

(On Alabama’s offense): "A.J. McCarron looks to be the prototype quarterback for Alabama. He’s got a big arm and they’re rounding him into shape to learn how to play Saban’s style of game. Alabama doesn’t want to be in a spot where they have to put the game on McCarron’s shoulders. Because Arkansas’ front four pass rush is at least the equal of Alabama. That’s their strength; rushing the passer. That might be a real red flag for Alabama, if they get it into a pass-rush game."

Danielson's observations on others in the SEC:

(On Tennessee’s offense): "Ryan Mallett was a home run hitting-type quarterback, always looking for the deep ball.  Tyler Wilson is running the system just like Bobby Petrino had it running at Louisville. He can keep Alabama off-balance with the timing passing game, rather than staying in the pocket and trying to force those deep throws.

(On Florida): "Florida is going to be the one team that is going to improve the most as the season goes along. They’re going to have the biggest change in style. Urban Meyer did not leave the cupboard bare. If you don’t get Florida early, I mean these first few weeks of late-September and early-October, you may not get them. They might improve that much and could be getting back to SEC Championship-caliber."




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