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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Colt McCoy press conference

By Marla Published: November 7, 2010

Portions of Browns quarterback Colt McCoy's press conference after Sunday's 34-14 victory over New England.

(On the execution of the game plan)- “I thought we executed well.  Coach Daboll had us all prepared and the coaches did a fantastic job, especially during the bye week.  We worked really hard in the bye week and kind of had an idea of what we wanted to do when we came back.  We really just added on to that and worked really hard.  The offensive line played tremendous.  When those guys play like that it’s easy to run the ball and we get a lot of open lanes in the passing game.  Peyton (Hillis) ran the ball well, and when you can execute like that you give yourselves a chance to win, and that’s what happened today.”

 (On his touchdown run)- “Yeah I felt real slow.  We talked all week and when we got into the fringe area, the fringe meaning inside the 30 and 25 (yardlines), they like to play a lot of double coverage.  We felt they might double cover Ben (Watson) a little bit and I just stepped up a little in the pocket and everyone was man-to-man outside.  I was playing (Josh) Cribbs and they double-teamed him, and had Peyton (Hillis) on the outside,  and there were some running lanes.  That’s always in the back of my head, especially this week, when they play that certain coverage.  I was just trying to make a play with my feet, get a first down, and it ended up that the receivers made some great blocks downfield and I got in the end zone.”

 (On the fourth down quarterback sneak)- “Nothing is all on me, I thought we executed it really well.  We practiced that during the week.  When we shift them (wide receivers) out like that, you see if the front (defensive line) moves and see who goes out.  Really at that point, backed up, it was pretty gutsy but they moved the front and I had an opening and I took it.”

 (On not starting the game with a conservative game plan)- “I like it when we come out and throw the ball on the first play.  We ran a good hard sell play-action.  We had a man-to-man look and I wish I could have gotten the ball up a little bit, he (WR Mohamed Massaquoi) could have had a chance to run a little more maybe.  He made a fantastic catch and that was not the only one he made.  He made one on the sideline on a big third down play, made a great catch, and it was good to get the ball outside to Mo.  We had a long one down the sideline to Peyton (Hillis).  We could work those corners a little bit which really helps out.”

 (On his growth as a quarterback the last three games)- “I prepare really hard, I’ve got great coaches and great teammates and the defense played lights out the last two weeks.  I just try to go into a game and be my best for our team.  Today, the offensive line played awesome and Peyton (Hillis) ran the ball so well and the defense played well.  I think we gave them a little bit to play for early on when we got up (by) 10 in the first quarter.  I just really had to go out there and execute and I just played my game.”

 (On his accuracy and his confidence)- “I missed a couple of balls early but I felt really confident.  I worked really hard with those guys during the week, and they’re willing to work, and that’s what I try to hang my hat on is that we’re going to go into a game prepared.  It’s up to us the way we executed and I just really thought the receivers played great.  They made some great catches and I had to put some balls into some tight windows and they made plays.  (Josh) Cribbs made a great catch across the middle which enabled us to go for it on third and short and get the first down.  Mo (Massaquoi) made some great catches.  Ben (Watson) made some good catches.  I thought we were close on a little corner route that we threw in the end zone.  I would like to see that one on tape.  (TE) Evan Moore made a great catch down the sidelines.  So when guys are catching the ball like that, I just had to get it into an area where they can catch it.”

 (On his first start at home) "It was awesome. especially after the game, you see everybody just excited,  loud.  I thought the fans were  in the game the whole time. I think it helps when we come out and go up 10. It helps our defense and our fans get into it.  It was awesome. What a way to play in your first  home game. To come out with a win against a very good football  team, that was special  for sure.

(does this legitimize team to league, this win) "We’ve got to take it week by week. Two weeks ago we got a big win on the road at New Orleans and this week we come  in ... we’ve got a tough schedule if you look at it. You’ve got another hard opponent coming up  next week. So when you can  beat the defending Super Bowl champions and a team that’s always in the playoffs,  I think it says a lot for our locker  room. I don’t think we’re as concerned about what’s going on outside of us. If we can stay focused on what we do and what our job is each  week, I think we've got a chance."

(what's it like to beat Drew Brees and Tom Brady) "I don’t know if I can put that  into words. I look up to those  guys so much, I respect  them so much and I knew this game, we’re playing against stinkin’ Tom Brady. they can score points whenever.  I know our defense was playing great, but in my mind it was like, 'OK,  let’s just keep playing. everybody don’t  get too hyped,  just let’s keep playing.' They've got a stellar  quarterback over  there and he’s the real No. 12 right now. You've just  got to keep playing, keep understanding what your job is, that’s what I’ll continue to do."

(Does Hillis get better  after 1st hit) "It’s huge. Peyton’s the best. Him and I are really close, but at the same time, the guy’s a  heckuva  football player. He  understands the game. You saw him, things  like this go unnoticed. At the end of the game he stays inbounds twice with a stiff-arm, getting the  first down, keeping the  clock rolling. Then all of a  sudden, we hit a big one. He fires up the  offensive line, the offensive line gets  fired up, the sideline gets fired up, the fans get fired up. all starts  with him. He played great."

 (Daboll chest bump) "I didn’t see that. Coach Daboll was pretty fired up, too."



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