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Marla Ridenour on Sports

Doesn't sound good for Wallace, Delhomme

By Marla Published: October 10, 2010

The Browns could be without their top two quarterbacks next weekend at Pittsburgh.

Seneca Wallace suffered a right ankle sprain with 25 seconds left in the first half of Sunday's 20-10 loss to Atlanta and did not return. Jake Delhomme took over after suffering a high right ankle sprain in the Sept. 12 opener at Tampa Bay, but was limping noticeably during the game.

Here's what the two had to say afterward.


( how bad was it) I was limited. I'm not blaming anything ... I was somewhat limited, but we knew that going in. We certainly didn't think Sen would go down, but that's football. There were a couple plays you wish you could move a little better, but that's the frustrating thing. We hung in and had a drive going and Biermann made a great play. They come with all-out pressure, you're trying to throw the hot route and to bat it up and catch it, he made a good play. Definitely frustrating.

(having no running game) We didn't play well enough offensively. Very simple. Certainly we would have liked to have run it a little bit better, that could have helped some. In the grand scheme as a team we didn't get it done and that's very frustrating.

(when did you know you weren't going to start) We had a decent idea. 'The film from practice told us a great deal of what I could and couldn't do. You didn't have to be too smart to know Sen was going to be our best option this week. I practiced and did some things, it just wasn't there yet.

(was this a setback) I hope not. We'll let you know more probably tomorrow. It is what it is right now.

(how does it feel) To me I'm just so frustrated. You come in here, things have gone so well, you're so excited about what you can and can't do. Just being selfish when you get hurt the first game and you're not out there and you're trying to get back out there to help your team and get called upon today in an unfortunate situation ... you try to be at your best and it's just frustrating.

(could you have done anything on the Biermann interception) They're coming. They're bringing more than we have to block. It's very similar to really the first play of the game where we hit Peyton (Hillis) in the flat. It's almost identical, Lawrence (Vickers) is going right into the flat and hopefully we'll be able to pick it up. Somebody's going to be unblocked in that protection. They did what they had to do defensively.

(did you ever have a handle on that botched snap) Somewhat kinda close, not like I would have liked. Maybe I did, I'm not sure. A lot of things were going on at that time. I was trying to get my body prepared to play.

(were you split out in the Wildcat) We practice things a certain way. If you look at our Wildcat plays overall they were productive, they were winning plays.

(have you seen Abraham play a lot) He's a heckuva player. He's been that way since he was up in New York and then in Atlanta. He's a heckuva football player, we all know that. That's a good football team. We knew that.

(was there a point in the second half where you couldn't stand the pain) I was going to fight through it. It's 13-10, it's 9:25 left when we started that drive. I don't know if we had crossed midfield yet, but we were methodically going down the field. We picked up a couple third downs to Stuck. We had another third down play there, who know what would have happened if we could get it to Lawrence. It's only a 3-point game.

(did how much were you hindered play a role in interception) Oh, gosh, I don't know. He just kept running free and I tried to get it up over him. You know that as a quarterback that's where they're coming from.

(Hillis is also banged up, did offense have a chance) Yeah, we did. It's the NFL. Guys were giving it their all, it just wasn't our day today.

A lot of these guys play with nicks and bruises, and play with a lot of things, you wouldn't expect anything less. This is a brutal game, that's part of it, and guys fight through it. That's what you do. That's what's kind of built in, this is what you do.


(ankle) Not bad. We'll see after I go in here and check it out a little bit.  It was to the point where in the second half I wouldn't have been able to push off on it a litle bit and be productive like I would've wanted to.

(could you have come back) I felt like at the time I could've, but I couldn't say I would've been close to 70%. Ii think if I would've gone back in, it probably would've made things worse. with the adrenalin flowing and things like that, I would've loved to have been back out there to help us out, but I had to make the right decision and not try to go back out there and hurt it worse or hurt our team even worse. I felt all right, but I don't think I would've been able to be productive.

(push coaches to go back in) No.

(disturbing because you were doing so well) Very disturbing. I felt like I was clicking, we were hitting on all cylinders offensively in the first half, and something like that happens, you get frustrated. You want to go back out there and contribute, but you can't force it ... we were doing some good things offensively, and unfortunately, got an ankle sprain, so we'll see what happens from here on out.

(Jake) A lot of us have to play in pain. I don't know how much is ankle was bothering him. At the time, it was the best thing for him to go in. He might've been a little bit better than I was at the time.

(Abraham roll on ankle) Somebody did, but I don't know exactly who it was.

(MRI) I don't know.

(Jake gut it out) We have to do what we we can. We might be dealing with something, but he had to go in and play. I can't say it was courageous, he had to try to go in and help us the best way he could.

(Hillis catch) It was a great catch. That's one thing peyton does, he catches the ball well out of the backfield. He made a better catch than I did a throw.
(Hillis in a lot of pain) Yeah, that's how it is. Week to week, everybody's going to have to play through some pain. Jake had to go, I know he was still feeling his ankle a little bit. Every week somebody has to try to do through some pain. We're never going to be 100 percent. He did a great job today trying to fight through it.

(what happened when you were hurt) Somebody fell on my ankle. It kinda felt like it might have been a knee, but after I got up I could tell it was my ankle. It got rolled up on and got caught underneath somebody. A guy came from behind. I felt it at the last minute, he kinda landed right on top of my ankle.

(you knew you were done for the day) I felt like I might have been able to, but I couldn't really put too much pressure on it. Trying to run and push off and be able to do what I do, I don't think I would have been able to do what I could.

(learn at halftime) I knew I wasn't going to be able to go back in and help us out. Jake is a veteran, he's been in the league a long time. It was probably best that he went in the game and tried to help us out. I knew he was dealing with his issues, but week to week, somebody's always going to have to deal with some type of pain.



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